XlexiT is comprised of two independent but tightly coupled operational units which share all infrastructure. Projects and orders are forked off to the different units based on customer preference and core competences.

Xlexit Technology B.V.
Eli Heimanshof 114
NL-2341 PH  Oegstgeest
The Netherlands

Location: 5241.111' N, 446.232' E (WGS84)

Phone:     +31 (0) 71 572 6391

E-mail:       info-at-xlexit.com or technology-at-xlexit.com

Chamber of Commerce Leiden 28101636

VAT id:     NL 813358358B01
Bank:       KNAB: NL70 KNAB 0765 2815 03 ; SwiftCode: KNABNL2H
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